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Nimra Ahmad has a unique style of writing. She used short sentences and simple language. This quality made her books easy to understand. Nimra Ahmad has full command to tell the feelings and emotions of a human being. She felt the pain of the people and discuss the social and economic issues in her books.

Like Umera Ahmad, another legend female writer of Urdu novel, Nimra Ahmad gave a touch of Islamic teachings to her books. She wrote Jannat Kay Pattay, which told the story of human creation. In her novel Mushaf, Nimra said about the blessing and teachings of Quran. She knew the necessity of religion in human life. Nimra believes in moral values, and only faith can teach them about morality.

The book Iblees novel pdf is another short story by Nimra Ahmad. The book Iblees novel pdf contains the tale of Shaitan and his work. Nimra Ahmad compared the evils of Iblees with the sins of people. He found some men as bad as Iblees according to his job done.

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